SOFT Rocker: Um Jeito Estiloso e Ecologicamente Correto de Recarregar as Baterias / SOFT Rocker: A Stylish and Eco-friendly Way to Recharge Your Batteries.

Imagine uma peça de mobiliário externo em que se possa sentar, descançar e além disso recarregar os seus gadgets com energia limpa e gratuita. Parece ficção? Sim, parece mas, a SOFT Rocker já existe e foi desenvolvida por estudantes de arquitetura do MIT, orientados pela professora Sheila Kennedy. A chaise longue de visual futurista utiliza a força humana de equilíbrio para criar um sistema interativo de rastreamento de energia solar de 35 watts.  O sistema também usa uma bateria de 12 amperes-hora para armazenar a energia solar e possibilitar o seu uso após o pôr do sol. Vamos comentar no blog!

Imagine a piece of outdoor furniture where you can seat, lounge and recharge the batteries of your gadgest with clean, free of charge energy. Does that sound like fiction? Yes, that does although, the SOFT Rocker exists and has been developed by architecture students at MIT, lead by professor Sheila Kennedy. The futuristic looking chaise longue uses the human power of balance to create an interactive 35 watt solar tracking system. The equipment also utilizes a 12-ampere-hour battery to store the solar energy and make it possible to recharge batteries after the sunset. Let´s comment on the blog!

Para mais informações visite a página do MIT sobre a SOFT Rocker aqui.

For further information visit the MIT´s webpage about the SOFT Rocker here.

One comment

  1. This is a very interesting concept. It looks great in pictures and would really hope to see these in future on our beautiful green campus here at University of Nottingham, UK!

    Would these prototype become available to the mass consumer? I would hope at least if they became available through schools and education to start gain exposure so that they don’t end being priced too high and becoming a luxury rather than an amenity. What do you think?

    Also a story of this will be included on our blog soon!

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